Graphic Designer


In this series of stickers we tried to create a dialogue between different phenomena from the internet that are usually shared in the same manner as stickers, but then in the digital realm. Sticker are often used in anonymous ways to share political or ideological ideas. Their designs are mostly very simplistic making use of strong graphic imagery, humour and simple wordplays. Designs that will try to communicate and convince the viewer quickly.

"Our waters abject poison through wireless systems. Fountains, a constant stream of data seeping through cracks, grant infinite wisdom upon sacrifice. Retain yourself, throw a coin in these self-devouring beasts."

Collaborative project with Thijs Jaeger.
Featured at the 'FOAM x Patty Morgan Fusion Festival' at FOAM and 'The Arles Photography Festival' in France.


Designs for New York City's high-end fashion brand Telfar. Spring/Summer 2017 runway design for 'New York Fashion Week', 2016. Embroidery designs for the Autumn/Winter 2018 collection. Find more documentation on DIS Magazine.

The Casual Pleasure of Dissapointment,
Bjarne Melgaard & Bjørg

Logo, calendar and editorial designs for the Norwegian, New York City based artist Bjarne Melgaard in collaboration with the Danish jewellery brand Bjørg. More coverage on this project can be found on Wallpaper.

Sheriff, Transistria's corrupt monopoly enterprise

Crime and corruption have plagued Transnistria, the de-facto state of Moldavia since its initial declaration. Most of this corruption and crime is orchestrated by a single enterprise called Sheriff. This project exposes Sheriffs corrupt strategies to maintain their privileged monopoly over the country. Sheriffs grip on the country makes it almost seem as though Transistria is just a child - like Mafia playground. Collaborative project with Andreas van der Mast.

Jumping for Jesus, faster faith

Jump for Jesus International: Gene Sullivan
Address: P. O. Box 80607 Billings, Montana 59108
Phone: 406.927.2515
Email: genejumpforjesus@gmail.com

Copyright disclaimer: I do NOT own any of the footage used in this video nor the images featured in the video. All rights belong to it's rightful owner/owner's. No copyright infringement intended.

The House of God, IBM's Watson

An oath to Watson, a God that has risen through the last decades with the aid of technology and science. A machine that exceeds all superstition in our universe and holds all the answers. We pay homage to it’s artefacts everyday as they are everywhere. All other religions have been undermined by his presence. He guides us through the days and helps us shape the future.

“I worship nothing! She cried. I am most advanced! I don’t think you irreligious, for there is no such thing as religion left! All the fear and superstition that existed once have been destroyed by the Machine!” E.M. Forster - The Machine Stops.